4 Reasons to Visit an Auto Parts Store Instead of a Mechanic

Oil Filter It can be easy to visit a mechanic, drop your car off for a few hours or a few days, and return to a healthy, fully functioning automobile.  However, a certain level of uncertainty accompanies every mechanic appointment and, as a customer, you can never be too sure what is going on behind closed doors.  While the ease of mechanical work is appealing to some, the cost and stress of making an appointment can add up.  By visiting your local Woodbridge auto parts store you are guaranteed a good experience, and these four reasons demonstrate why.

 Helpful Employees

Aftermarket auto part store employees are helpful by nature.  They love cars, car maintenance, and sharing these passions with others.  When you visit an auto parts store you are guaranteed to speak with an automobile expert and most likely have all of your questions answered.  If you effectively stump the staff, they will know exactly where to go, or where to send you, to find your answer.  In short, aftermarket car part employees are there to help you and enjoy doing it.

 Not Pushy

Mechanics sometimes carry the unfortunate reputation of being pushy.  If you visit a mechanic for a routine oil change there is always the chance of getting stuck with a much larger bill for additional maintenance needs.  While sometimes this can be in your favor if a mechanic catches a serious repair, a visit to an aftermarket auto parts store will always be straightforward.  If you know the type of car part you need, store employees will show you your options without trying to increase their profit or sell you one way or another.

 The Extra Mile

As mentioned, auto store employees love their job and they will go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a good one.  By being extremely helpful and friendly, the staff of these stores will make sure you leave with exactly what you are looking for.  If, amidst the giant inventory and infinite selections, you cannot find the specific part you are looking for, many stores will specially order it just for you.


Visiting a mechanic can be a different experience every time, but visiting a car parts store is a comfortably predictable experience.  As a shopper you know exactly what to expect, how long your trip should take, and what your approximate costs will be.  The experience of visiting an aftermarket auto parts store is something you can count on time and time again, and in that uniformity lays a certain level of comfort.

In certain situations visiting a mechanic is your best option and sometimes even necessary, yet aftermarket auto parts stores have a worth all their own.  The helpful, non-pushy employees that are willing to go the extra mile and the comfort in the predictable experience make visiting an auto parts store not only a smart decision for car every owner but an enjoyable one as well.